Don’t dismiss night safety

Planning a night out in Norwich? You’ve come to the right place. From cosy pubs to packed dance floors, a night out in Norwich has something for everybody. Hundreds of unique venues call this city home, and with a decently priced pint and good safety index scores, it’s little wonder Norwich is frequently rated one of the best cities in the UK for a night out.

This website is designed to be your guide to Norwich after dark. Here you’ll find insider tips to help you and your mates have a safe and fun night out in Norwich.

Don’t leave catching a cab home to chance. Impress your mates by booking ahead – you’ll be the VIPs of the taxi queue.

Book your taxi in advance to guarantee a comfy trip home.

If you’re more a spontaneous type, taxi ranks are located at Tombland, Guildhall Hill, Norwich Train Station and Prince of Wales Road.

For students, there are safer taxi schemes available from UEA and NUA.

If you’re walking home, and there are places on your route home that don’t feel safe, you can report them through the StreetSafe tool.

Book a taxi

Let's Roll!

Charge my phone

Roger That!

Phone running low? Boost your battery and your mood at the SOS Bus on Prince of Wales Road. Feelin’ recharged? Yeah you are!

Keeping your phone charged on a night out is the best way to stay connected.

If you’re short on juice then you can top up at:

The SOS Bus

Friday and Saturday nights 9.30pm – 3.30am
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Safe Haven

Saturday nights 9pm – 4am
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Digital ad screens on St Stephen’s Street

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If your mate’s behaving badly, make some noise (or have a quiet word) so everyone can get back to enjoying the music.

If you see someone’s being made to feel uncomfortable, cause a distraction, ask the time or pretend to be a friend. Intervening doesn’t need to cause a big scene.

Find out more about being an active bystander with a free 10-minute training session from stand-up international.

The Government’s ENOUGH campaign offers helpful guidance on how to safely intervene.

Speak up

Oi Matey!

Stay alert to spiking

Speak Up!

If a friend’s acting strange or you spot something suspicious, report it. Many Norwich venues have received anti-spiking training and are ready to help.

Drink testing kits are available from around 40 venues in and around Norwich including:
Bond No.28, Cuba Revolution, Epic Studios, Fluke, Garden House, Gonzo's Tea Room, Mantra Club & Lounge, Popworld, The Castle, The Loft, Truth, The Waterfront, The Dancing Astronaut.

Drink testing kits are also held at the Norwich Walk-in Centre and SOS Bus

Find out more about drink testing kits

Find out how to help a friend who you think has been spiked here


Set up a group chat and share your phone location with your mates to help everyone stay together all niiiight long!

You can send your location via Whatsapp, Google Maps and Facebook messenger.

Life 360 is a good app for keeping tabs on a big group.

Or check out the HollieGuard app which has been developed with personal safety in mind and has personal alarm and evidence capture features.

Find my friends

Meet Up!



A late-night snack lets you regroup while you recoup, energises you to get home safe, and helps with that hangover.

Prince of Wales and Rose Lane have plenty of choice if you’re feeling peckish after a night out. With some restaurants open til 5am it’s the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends and plan your journey home.